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Ground Bond Tester
120 Volt, 10 Amp, 0.10 Ohm
Ground Bond Tester
Model 50548
Verifies Ground Wire Integrity 
The Model 50548 is designed to measure the quality and continuity of the equipment grounding conductor and its frame.
PRICE:   $1,034.00
An Easy to Use Product at a Practical Price!


Ease of Testing
A front panel receptacle and the test probe allow for easy connecting and testing.
Continuity Test
Quality and Continuity of the ground conductors to the frame of the equipment is tested by operating the "ON/OFF" switch. 
Visual and Audible Alarms
Indicates a pass condition of the equipment ground continuity.
Current Meter
Displays the current draw of the ground continuity of the equipment under test.
Built, Sold and Serviced in the U.S.
For over four decades Sotcher Measurement, Inc. has provided latest state-of-the-art electrical test equipment that is easy to use and maintain. Our customers rely on our products to verify the safety of the electrical devices they rent, use or manufacture. We feel this commitment very deeply. In response, we do our utmost to insure that the products we offer are of the highest quality and performance, consistent with good value.
We continue to design, manufacture and service all of our products in the United States. We are proud to be able to offer our customers fine American products that are easy to use at a practical price.
Input Voltage:       
120VAC, 60Hz
Output Voltage:             
Approximately 6 VAC
Output Current:     
10 amperes AC minimum
Resistance Limit:            
0.10 Ohms
Resistance Limit Accuracy:         
+/- 5 Percent
Meter Accuracy:
+/- 3%
9.5" Wide, 5.5" High, 8" Deep 
12 Pounds
Model 50548 Ground Continuity Tester
• User's Manual
• One Year Parts and Labor Warranty

• 50541 Ground Bond Tester for generators
• 568 Hi-Pot and 25A Ground Bond Tester

"Definitely a good, top of the line product. Nobody questions the battery after it has been tested with the ni-cad battery tester. Can't beat the 627 when it comes to checking ni-cad batteries." 

Peter Reis
Fit-it Shop


"I sent in my unit for expedited service and before I was able to cut the purchase order, I had the machine back. Your company is awesome! What great service
Robert Lopez
Proctor and Gamble 



Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.